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Book Review: Hidden in Shadows (Shadow Court Chronicles: Book 1) by Claire Grimes

Book Synopsis:

When a beautiful, arrogant Unseelie Princess is forced to flee her family castle on her wedding night, she has to embrace the darkness of the shadow court or risk leaving her young brother trapped in the hands of torture by her husband the devious Seelie Prince.

She never expected love to occur in her arranged marriage. As a princess in the Unseelie Court, she grew up understanding that her life was to serve the people. She walked into her arranged marriage to a Seelie Prince understanding that love was not going to happen. What she did not expect was for her Seelie husband trying to kill her thirty minutes into their marriage with poison.


A bloody coup sends her running with her bodyguard, Kieran, on her wedding night. Now she has to stay one step ahead of her murderous husband as she attempts to gather allies, discover the secrets to claim her birthright and get her much needed revenge. Thankfully she has some help in the form of a sexy vampire, Vincent, as she fights to stay one step ahead of the light to stay hidden in the shadows.


If you love Fae romance stories with Hot Sexy Vampires, this sizzling fast paced tale is right up your alley. Scroll up and Click the Buy Button and discover if Lyssandra is able to resist the sexy Nightwalker Vincent who was a slave to her people.


Please note: Shadow Court Chronicles is a serialized Fae and Vampire, Action and Adventure Fantasy Romance released monthly, which means the tale will evolve over a series of short stories (approximately 20,000 words each). There are cliff-hangers.


If you are a self-professed serial junkie then this fast paced urban fantasy paranormal romance series is exactly what you need.


Still not sure what to do? Scroll Up and 1-Click to discover if Lyssandra is able to resist the sexy Nightwalker Vincent who was a slave to her people.


Shadow Court Chronicles Suggested Reading Order:

Hidden in Shadows, Book 1

Deal for Freedom, Book 1.5

Hunting in Shadows, Book 2

Battle in Sadows, Book 3 (Coming December 8, 2015)

Shadow Court Chronicles eBook Categories:

– Action & Adventure Romance

– Paranormal Romance Fae and Vampires

– Fae and Vampire Series

– Fae Romance For Adults

– Urban Fantasy Female Protagonist

– Urban Fantasy Fae

My review:

I loved this book but hated that it was a cliffhanger. I hate cliffhangers and this one ended right when the book was getting good!!!!

There are plenty of violence and action, along with a ton of Fae lore….which I loved. Everything from the Seelie and Unseelie court to the Shadow court to Redcaps and Bogens and Harpies….I was in Celtic heaven….lol.

The storyline was great.  I loved Lyssa’s character and when Vincent was introduced to the storyline, he added sensuality to it. Kieran’s Red Cap character was written exactly as I thought a Red Cap should be…lol.

Will I read this book again? Yes and I do want to read the next book. I need to find out what happens to Lyssa’s 5 year old brother and if she does certain things (READ THE BOOK!!!

Will I reccomend this book to family and friends? Yes

Age range? Given the violence in the book, I would have to say teen on up. There is a couple of situations that could have been interpreted as sexual but nothing happened.

Amazon link. Please keep in mind that the prices can and will change:


Disclaimer: I received Hidden In Shadows for free from Hot Romance Story for my honest review. I did not receive any financial compensation for this review and all opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

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