A Piece Of Sky (Crowns of the Twelve: Book 4) by Ann Hunter

A Piece of Sky: A fractured retelling of CHICKEN LITTLE (Crowns of the Twelve Book 4) by [Hunter, Ann]Where you can find A Piece of Sky: Amazon

Publisher: Afterglow Productions

Date of publication: December 1, 2014

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Book’s synopsis:

“It’s about you… It matters who you believe you are…. Your potential is infinite.”
–Shiver, the last gryphon of Tór

The most powerful force in creation has been stolen from the Tree of Life. Nurgal, Lord of Decay, is convinced the golden seed he possesses will help him end man’s time on earth. The last thing he expects is for a little red hen to try and stop him.

When the magic acorn strikes Rós in the head and changes how she sees the entire world, she believes the sky is falling. Determined to discover the identity of the seed, she strikes out into the big, wide world to find her answers. Many factions are in play and lives are at stake when she learns that an even greater evil is at hand.

Can one little red hen save the world?

In this twist on the classic tale of Chicken Little, no one is too small to make a difference.

My Review:

What a great and imaginative retelling of Chicken Little!!!!

Ros’s character was great. I didn’t think that I would love a chicken as the main character, but I loved her. She was plucky and had tons of courage. Her friends weren’t that bad either. How they started the quest was pretty funny.

There were a few twists in the story that I didn’t expect. It was a great read. Very fast paced.

I would let my ten year old read this book. It is the perfect age level for my daughter. Not too scary (even with the battle with the Lord of Decay), no bad language and no sexual situations.

Would I reread this? Yes

Would I recommend it to family and friends? Yes

Age range? Tween (even elementary school) on up.

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**

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