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Book Review: Survive and Surpass by Margalit Tal-Gan

Book synopsis:

When the one closest to you is being unfaithful, you must be faithful to yourself.

A shared betrayal experience brings together Yuli, Camille and Ela, three exceptional women whose lives have been devastated by the same woman-crook. In the background is Flora, an inspiring older woman of aristocratic allure, who has survived the horrors of the Nazis and life as refugee, to resume her rightful position in life. Together these women help each other cope with their fate, fight back, overcome, and establish their place in the world.

˃˃˃ A dramatic encounter between four women set against the backdrop of 20th century history.

Survive and Surpass is a story of endless greed and a never-satisfied hunger for power, But also of nobleness, decency and sisterhood. It is a seemingly light, witty and enjoyable novel, yet skillfully inlaid with subtle insinuations on human nature.

My review:

This book was a great view into how an affair can ruin a marriage and how you can move past it.

The writing was great and the author did a great job of capturing Ela, Yuli and Camille’s reactions to finding out that their husbands were cheating. She also did a great job of also capturing how an affair affects the entire family.

I really didn’t like Mia but then again, I thought the author wrote her in such a way that you had to dislike her.

Will I read this book again? Yes

Will I reccomend it to family and friends? Yes

Age range? Adult

Amazon links. Remember that prices can and will change:

Kindle (this book is on preorder only right now)

Disclaimer: I received Survive and Surpass from eBookPro for free for my honest review. All opinions are mine and mine alone. I received no financial compensation for this book.

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