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Book Review: Into the Soul by Kinneret Maayan

Book synopsis:

Into the Soul – the Mystery of Energy Healing by Kinneret Maayan is about a journey into the inner recesses of the soul; it dives into the depths and soars to the peaks of therapy, providing readers with insight, understanding and a way to experience balance and happiness. It offers a perspective of the twists and turns of life that can unravel burdensome tangles in order experience happiness and mental health.

The book is made up of two main parts. The author, Kinneret Maayan, talks about her ascent through the principles of spiritual therapy, her life, childhood and adulthood; and a section which deals with patients who came to her to understand their difficulties and learn ways of coping with them and solving their problems.

Kinneret Maayan says: “If I could have summarized and compressed what is written in the book and the wonderful profound process that accompanied writing it – I might have been saved the tedious job of writing over such a long period, and the many deliberations I had until it was published. In 1999, I dared, for the first time, to halt my daily life to doubt and query the many conventions, norms and insights that had filled my life for over thirty years. I looked beyond what had been so logical and safe and these confines were shattered. Later, when I had succeeded in ‘cleaning out dusty vaults’, old, obsolete, stifling and disturbing information , I wakened a most basic need we all have within us, from a very long sleep – that of giving true expression to the inner spirit, the need to play my (our) own precise melody. From that moment on, a door was opened for me to discover the therapeutic potential of the consciousness of a spiritual dimension, which is the miraculous, infinite human experience and a powerful resource for working with the inner world of each and every one of us.

The book attempts to describe and touch the very delicate, profound and boundless area of my experience as a healer and as someone who, through a powerful and chaotic process, emerged with an ability to heal or one might say with the hidden power – which never lets up for a moment – that forces me daily, to connect and recognize it, requiring that I learn from scratch, how to contain it and what to do with it. Everyone evidently has the energetic touch of powerful healing, but some of us are compelled by internal decree, by injunction of the soul or by their life’s path, to work at it and to learn and get to know, practically on their own, the secret they were born with and that which their heart dictates.

The book consists of five sections: it combines my personal, private and individual experience and the new knowledge, the spiritual/energy that I teach, study, experience and use in therapy. The uniqueness of a healer as opposed to other unconventional alternative therapies is, among others, that the power of healing is transmitted through them into the world, and therapy is achieved by means of this power. It is a completely abstract occurrence, almost devoid of any touch, but in so many cases its impact is priceless. The power, the strength and uniqueness of this work, is in the wondrous experience itself, and its results are almost impossible to express in words.

In this book, I did not concede to this difficulty and in the moments of grace that occurred, I managed to express in words what had happened, from my point of view, in the holiest of places – the therapeutic encounter between me and my patients and in my workshops which often left me and the participants speechless with exhilaration.”

The book is witness to the complex path to discovery and connection with the author’s therapeutic power and her personal destiny, but mainly it is about her story and the unique method of therapy with which she heals, and which she teaches in her clinic.

My review:

For a long time, I have been interested in spiritual healing and when I was approached to review this book, I jumped on it. I wasn’t disappointed.

The author did a great job of explaining exactly what spiritual healing entails and how she did it. Again, I found it fascinating some of the accounts that the author chose to share with us. Like Michael, the assault survivor. I actually had to put down my Kindle to compose myself for a minute after reading his story. That story was heartbreaking.

The author’s own story was just as heartbreaking and my heart ached for her growing up.

If you are interested in spiritual healing and want a great book that outlines it perfectly, read this book!!!

Would I read this again? Yes

Would I reccomend it to family and friends? Yes

Age range? It is for all ages but I wouldn’t let my 10 year old read it. She’s too immature. So maybe with parental discretion up until 13-14.

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Disclaimer: I received Into the Soul: The Mysteries of Spiritual Healing for free through eBookpro for my honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone. I received no financial compensation for this review.

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