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Book Review: Guardians (Caretaker: Book 2) by Josi Russell

Before I do my review, I have to put up this disclaimer: I received this product from Future House Publishing for free for my honest review. Any and all opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone. I received no financial compensation for this review.  Guardians and its prequel, Caretaker, will be available for $0.99 on Amazon through February 11-February 17. Please be on the look out for that link at the end of my review. Also, readers can enter into a contest to win an autographed copy of Guardians AND the new Caretaker audiobook. That link will also be at the end of my review. So keep your eyes open and enter!!!!

Book synopsis:

Sequel to the #1 bestseller Caretaker.

Trapped on a hostile planet.

Life on Minea isn’t all that the shiny brochures back on Earth promised the passengers of Ship 12-22. In order to survive, most of the population must slave away in the dark, unforgiving caverns of the Yyinum mines.

Ethan’s position as governor proves to be less effective than he hoped as he clashes with the power-hungry companies that control the planet. While on a surveying ship, Ethan and the crew crash-land into the cavernous depths beneath the Karst Mountains, where a maze of tunnels and slew of fatal dangers block their journey home.

Above ground, a deadly epidemic sweeps the planet, and Ethan’s wife, Aria, is torn between searching the mountains for him and finding a cure. When a mysterious craft appears in the sky, Kaia and her father, Admiral Phillip Reagan, must prepare for a battle with a species they know nothing about.

As their world descends into chaos, can these self-appointed guardians bring hope of survival to Minea?

My review:

As I have stated in other reviews, I am a huge fan of fantasy/science fiction/romance/ young adult/historical fiction and any combination of previously mentioned genres. I read those books like they are water. Seriously, I do. So when I was approached by Future House Publishing with an opportunity to read Guardians, I jumped on it.

I am glad I did.

This has to be one of the best books I have read since the start of the year. It sucks you in from the beginning with writing that literally leaps off the page and into your mind. My mental image of Minea will forever be of a paradise with a hint of darkness in my mind.

The characters were very well written. I loved Ethan and Aria‘s dedication to each other and to causes that they both felt were worth fighting for. The secondary characters just didn’t take up space in the book either. They were very well written and their storylines were concluded in such ways that you wanted to fist pump the air and say “YES”.

While this is a 2nd book in a series, it can be read alone. The author does enough explaining through out the book that you can get the gist of what happened in the first book. Personally, I would read the first book. Just so I could understand what happened. But that’s me and I am in the process of reading the first book and will post a review as soon as I am done.

Will I reccomend to family and friends? Yes, I will. Like I said above, I found that this book is very well written and a fairly fast read.

What age range would I reccomend to read Guardians? 12 and up.

Would I read it again? Absolutely!!!

Now, onto the links that I promised:

Giveaway—make sure to enter!!!

Guardians—Remember, on sale for $.99 until February 17th

Caretaker—Also on sale for $.99 until February 17th

Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!!!



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