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Book review: The Medelssohnian Theory by Dor Toker

Before I do my review, I have to put up this disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for a highly discounted priced through Tomoson and Ebookpro. Any and all opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone. I received no financial compensation for this review. Now, on to the review. Also, at the end of the review, I will include a link to Amazon in both Kindle and paperback book form.

Book’s synopsis:

A tale of a boy who grew up as a hunted man then became a hunter.

In the future, Adam, 16, a Jewish resident of the Jewish Reserve, which is covered as the last step in the chain to make mankind become a new higher sophisticated being, chased by powers and corporations, wishing to put their hands on him and use his special skills for the realization of their own personality. The boy escapes from them across the solar system. They killed his parents, hurt his friends and now they try to prevent him from working alone. Adam fight for his life and for the right of controlling his fate.

Even in a world as complex as Earth, a single person has the power to change his destiny and by doing so he’ll change the future determination of all mankind.

Imagine a world made by unknown creators, a world that makes sense only by assembling a puzzle, a part of a larger enigmatic operation. This world tangled up in probabilistic chains that lead to human and technological progress. Knowing that completing this puzzle will lead to a quantum leap in human progression. This is the essence of the official religion on that planet.

The Mendelssohnism is based on the theory of one great man: Moshe Mendelssohn.

My review:

I really, really liked this book!!! Like I read it in 3 days (which, lately for me is a huge deal). It had the right amount of action, sci-fi, romance, paranormal, apocalyptic and dystopia to keep me entertained. Those who know me and know me well, know that I absolutely LOVE action/sci-fi/dystopia/apocalyptic/paranormal/romance books. So this one was right up my alley.

I was hooked from the first page when we meet Adam First and then it kept getting better. From his rescue to his training and then onto his never-ending running from the evil corporation… kept my attention. My heart was broken in several places (not going to tell….read the book!!!) and when Adam finally reached his potentinal…my heart soared and I cheered for him.

I also liked that there were many futuristic devices that were all copyrighted in the book (several names made me laugh) and that the author went into detail about the body modifications….starting with the brain implants every person got when they were under 1 years old.

I did have to Google several terms in the book, including Moshe Mendelssohn. I will link his page from the Jewish Virtual Library for more understanding on who he was. He was a great man.

The ending was great also and it paved the way, I hope, for a sequel!!!

Will I read this book again: Yes, I will and I am hoping for a sequel!!!

Will I recommend this book to my family and friends? Absolutely!!!

Links to the book (price can and will change):

Kindle (preorder only)


Hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!!!

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