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Book Review: A Fair of the Heart (Welcome to Redemption: Book 1) by Donna Marie Rogers

A Fair of the Heart (Welcome to Redemption, #1)

Format read in: Kindle

Price at time of purchase: Free

Price now (subject to change): Free

Goodreads synopsis:

Single mother, and work-at-home beautician, Lauren Frazier can barely keep a roof over her head, let alone stop it from falling down around her. When handyman Caleb Hunter stops by for a haircut, he’s like the answer to her prayers—and the attraction is instantaneous. Too bad her troublesome ten-year-old son isn’t quite as thrilled to have Caleb hanging around.

My review:

This is a perfect book for the beach or a day by the pool. Perfect in that it is a really quick read. Hell, I got through it in about 2 hours. That is a record these days for me (almost no time to read).

It was a good bit of fluff too. It had it all: troubled kid (actually tween), woman whose husband left her and the adorable toddler. And instant chemistry!!! So it is safe to say that no, this is not a “G” or even a “PG” rated romance novel. I think I would give it an “R” rating.

So, will I read this book again and will I recommend it to family and friends…yes, I will.

Book I am reading now:

Initiate (The Unfinished Song, #1)

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