Hanchart Land by Becky Barker

Hanchart Land by [Barker, Becky]

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Date of publication: January 13, 2014

Genre: Romance

Goodreads synopsis:

Luke Hanchart proposed a marriage-of-convenience to Susan, his cousin’s widow, to protect his family’s ranch. Little did he know that saying “I do,” would open the door to a tempestuous future. Now nothing stood in the way of a passion that had smoldered between them. As they sealed their union with a kiss, a spark ignited and began to burn..

My review:

I want to say that I didn’t like Susan’s character, at all. Even when everything was revealed she still came across as a completely selfish person who hurt a lot of people. I am sure that is not how the author wanted her to come across that way, but she did.

Would I label this book a romance? Ehh. Susan knew that she was a selfish person and did try to right her wrongs by doing the right thing but still.

It was a great Western, and there was a mystery element (the whole Shane storyline).

Would I reread this book? I don’t know. It’s still up in the air right now.