**Here** Carved in Stone (Art of Love: Book 1) by Donna McDonald

Carved In Stone: A Novel (Art of Love Book 1) by [McDonald, Donna]

Where you can find Carved in Stone: Amazon


Date of publication: May 28, 2011

Genre: Romance

Goodreads synopsis:

A year has passed since his ex-wife remarried. Now Will Larson’s adult sons have decided he needs their help to start dating again. His growing desperation to date retiring high school art teacher, Jessica Daniels, makes Will think suffering their help might be worth it. The skilled sculptor carves masterpieces from stone but soon discovers that he has a lot left to learn about the art of love.

Even though his sons tease him about not dating, and his ex-wife thinks he is still hung up on her, 53 yr old retired principal and stone sculptor, William Everett Larson, is glad he waited to date until he found 47 yr old high school art teacher, Jessica Daniels. He admires Jessica for her courageous art and for how she has dealt with the trauma of her life. While dating him works for her, Jessica assures Will she is incapable of lasting love, but he refuses to believe it’s true. Will is sure the only part of Jessica truly damaged by her past is her heart. 

My review 

I liked Carved in Stone. The fact that the author had an original book that involved over 40 characters was great. Also that the woman was scarred was interesting. The author included some scenes where her PTSD showed up and gave her an interesting way of coping with it.

Now I didn’t like that fact that Will’s ex-wife kept popping up in the story. She came across as needy, and I didn’t have her figured out until the end of the story. Also, Carrie and Michael’s story didn’t need to be included in the plot. It brought nothing to the story. 

**I voluntarily reviewed this book**

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