So I’m A Double Threat (Double Threat: Book 1) by Julie Prestsater

Book Cover

Publisher: Cornessamara Press

Date of publication: January 8, 2014

Genre: Romance, Young Adult, Contemporary

Series: Double Threat

So I’m a Double Threat—Book 1

Double Threat My Bleep—Book 2

Double Time—Book 3

Double Threats Forever—Book 4

Before Someday—Book 5

Before Someday-Part One: The Wait—Book 5.1

Before Someday-Part Two: The Moment—Book 5.2

Before Someday-Part Three: The Hold—Book 5.3

Before Someday-Part Four: The Forever—Book 5.4

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Goodreads synopsis:

In this fun-filled, fast-moving young adult novel, sassy fourteen-year-old Megan Miller, and her close-knit friends, begin their four year high school journey. Expectations and hopes are high for their Freshman year. Meggie wants nothing more than to experience all high school has to offer – growing freedom, hot boys, parties, make-out sessions, and did I mention hot boys? Enter Alex Aguilar. At seventeen, he is Carver High’s sports superstar and dreamy superstud. Yet, despite the hype, Alex is undeniably sweet, and Meggie is beyond smitten. But, of course, he is a SENIOR. So, ought to be completely off limits for a ninth grader, right? Age doesn’t always dictate whom you will love, though. So I’m A Double Threat is the start of their journey. Will young love survive the challenges presented them or is friendship all they can only really hope for? Backs will be stabbed, hearts will be broken, tears will be shed. But, despite this, Meggie’s strong-willed determination, loyalty, and zest for fun, will ensure the ride is a memorable one. (This book has mature content intended for older young adult audiences.)

My review:

What I liked about So I’m A Double Threat:

*It is a book I would let my tween/young teen read. Very clean, and it touches on a lot of subjects that are affecting kids these days. Drug use and peer pressure were two of the main themes.

* I liked that Meg’s character was so real. Even an old lady like me can relate to her.

* The book was funny and made me giggle at some of the situations Meg got herself into. Her views on the beach I agree with…lmao.

What I disliked about So I’m A Double Threat:

*The guys. For some reason, Alex, Ben, and Eric (Meg’s love interests) irked me. Alex because he came across as a pushover. Ben because he was a moron, and Eric because he turned out to be a real dick.

* The whole automatically being popular. I don’t know. The author could have had the girls come across as nerdier. Not sexy. Not that nerdy isn’t sexy. Man, I give up. LOL.

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