Daughter of Time (After Cilmeri: Book 1) by Sarah Woodbury

Daughter of Time (After Cilmeri, #0.5)
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Publisher: The Morgan-Stanwood Publishing Group

Date of publication: March 19, 2011

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

Series: After Cilmeri

This Small Corner of Time: The After Cilmeri Series Companion—Book 0.2

Daughter of Time—Book 0.5

Footsteps in Time—Book 1

Winds of Time—Book 1.5

Prince of Time—Book 2

Crossroads in Time—Book 3

Children of Time—Book 4

Exiles in Time—Book 5

Castaways in Time—Book 6

Ashes of Time—Book 7

Warden of Time—Book 8

Guardians of Time—Book 9

Masters of Time—Book 10

Outpost in Time—Book 11

Shades of Time—Book 12

Champions of Time—Book 13

Refuge in Time—Book 14

Unbroken in Time—Book 15

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Goodreads synopsis:

Daughter of Time tells the story of a young widow, Meg, healing from the pain of a brief, unhappy marriage, who falls through time into the Middle Ages — and into the arms of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, the last Prince of Wales. He saves her, and she in turn saves him, thanks to her knowledge of future events. Although powerful forces seek to divide them, by working together, Meg and Llywelyn have a chance to navigate the dangerous and shifting alliances that constantly undermine his rule and threaten the very existence of Wales — and to create a future in which Llywelyn’s death does not come too soon.

What I liked about Daughter of Time:

  1. That it took place, for the most part, in Wales!! Wales!! I have always loved to read about Wales, and it seems to me that it is untouched in novels.
  2. Meg and Llewelyn’s relationship. It was sweet.
  3. The vivid descriptions of Middle Ages Wales.

What I didn’t like about Daughter of Time:

  1. Meg and Trev’s relationship. The author wanted to give background on Meg, but she could have gone a different way with their relationship. Make him sick only. Not sick and an abuser.
  2. Meg tells everyone what is going to happen in the future. You DO NOT tell people what will happen to them if you get thrown back in time. Because it could screw everything up. I am kinda old school when it comes to time travel. Go back and keep your mouth shut.

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