Stoneweaver (Stoneweaver: Book 1) by Gareth Lewis

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Publisher: Unknown

Date of publication: November 11, 2013

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Stoneweaver

Stoneweaver—Book 1

Coral Throne—Book 2

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Goodreads review:

In a flooded world only small peaks dot the seas, with civilization confined to waterborne cities. Society is ruled by tyrannous bosses, enforcing their will with an army of thugs and Stoneweavers, those able to use the remnants of magic. Resources are conserved by selling the poor into slavery. With such a cleansing due, what danger do an escaped slave and thief pose to this fragile society?

What I liked about Stoneweaver:

  1. That the main characters, the so-called good guys, were flawed. Like Danath. He killed for a living (dueling other Stoneweavers) but didn’t like it.
  2. That it was like Waterworld.
  3. There was no romance in this book. This was surprising because romance usually rears its head in a fantasy/dystopia. Instead, the author killed off Danath’s girlfriend early in the book.

What I disliked about Stoneweaver:

  1. The author gave almost no background of the main characters. And skimmed over what happened to make the world filled with water. I would have liked more background and more depth.
  2. The twist at the ending. Well, twists. One I saw coming from about the middle of the book. The other one, well, it startled me because it came out of the left field.
  3. The fact that the book couldn’t hold my attention seemed to lag in the middle of the story.

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