Aislin of Arianrhod (The Alainnshire Series: Book 1) by S.L. Jesberger

Genre: Romance, Paranormal

Publication Date: October 8th, 2012

Publisher: Sherry L. Jesberger

Where to buy: Amazon

Goodreads Synopsis:

“*Warning: Some sexual content and adult situations.

An Epic Struggle In The Land of Àlainnshire…

When her brother King Fionn dies during an epidemic, Princess Aislin is compelled to put her own life on hold. Appointed Regent, she must preserve the Kingdom of Arianrhod until Fionn’s son is old enough to take the throne.

Motivated by duty and love for her family, strong-willed Aislin has worked for eleven years to maintain the peace and prosperity of her kingdom. That idyll is shattered when Prince Jariath of Morrigan invades Arianrhod with a formidable army and a single purpose: to force her to marry him. 

Barely escaping him, Aislin flees with a friend into neighboring Blackthorne Forest. The forest is dark, dangerous, and uncivilized. It’s also the shortest way to the Kingdom of Wyndham and the help she needs. 

Blackthorne Forest is also full of surprises. Captured by hooded men and taken into the heart of the forest, Aislin will soon forge an unexpected alliance with a being she never dreamed existed.” 

My review:

What I liked about Aislin of  Arianrhod 

  1. The elves ears were movable. For some reason, that fascinated me.
  2. Tristan wasn’t a bad guy and Aislin was perfect as the older (think 35) heroine.
  3. The story (along with the back stories) was great and well written.

What I disliked about Aislin of Arianrhod:

* Aislin’s mother and her excuse about why she neglected her. I do feel bad about her captivity and rape at the hand of Jariath’s father. But it didn’t excuse her treatment of Aislin.

* Other than that, I have no complaints.

Would I read Aislin of Arianrhod again? Yes and I plan on reading the other books in the series

Would I recommend Aislin of Arianrhod to people? Yes

**I voluntarily reviewed this book**

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