Night Wish (Eyes of Darkness: Book #6) by Christy Poff

Night Wish (Eyes of Darkness Book 6) by [Poff,  Christy]

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Erotica

Date of publication: April 1st, 2010

Publisher: Torrid Books, Simon & Schuster

Series: Eyes of Darkness

Dante’s Flame—Book 1

Spark of a Wolf—Book 2

Love Hurts—Book 3

Red Fire—Book 4

White Ice—Book 5 (review here)

Night Wish—Book 6

King’s Ransom—Book 7 (review here)

Winter Fire—Book 8

Goodreads synopsis:

“Hayden Beaumont is unique in so many ways—his eternal birthright, his good looks—everything about him. Searching for the right woman to share his life has been a never-ending task until he meets an artist on his return to Paris. Chandra Richards has an interest in a man she barely knows, but after meeting him one night at the top of the Eiffel Tower, she finds out what never-ending love means. When an angry vampire from his father’s past comes after Hayden, the city of Paris literally rocks. Will the Beaumonts’ past come back to haunt them? Or will their night wish be granted?” 

What I liked about Night Wish:

  1. It had hot vampire sex. Lots of hot vampire sex. Even the bad guys got it on and had paragraphs devoted to their sex. Plus, whenever they had sex, they caused earthquakes or thunderstorms. Which, to me, was interesting.
  2. I did like the story between Hayden and Chandra. Stripped down to the bones (ie, no hot vampire sex), it was adorable.
  3.  I also liked that Hayden wasn’t your typical vampire.

What I disliked about Night Wish:

  1. The hot vampire sex got old after a while. I could take only so many hot vampire sex scenes before I started giggling.
  2. The fact that they had sex and drank each other’s blood kinda skeeved me out. Strike that. Not kinda skeeved me out….110% skeeved me out.
  3.  I wish the ending didn’t seem so rushed, and they didn’t kill the main villain off so fast.

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