Blood Vow Devil’s Pact (Blood Vow: Book 1) by L.M. Reed

Blood Vow Devil's Pact by [Reed, L. M.]

Publisher: Self Published

Date of publication: January 17th, 2011

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Blood Vow

Blood Vow Devil’s Pact—Book 1

Where to find Blood Vow Devil’s Pact: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

From the thirteenth century…

Sitting heavily on the side of the bed he grasped his head between his two hands in agony. He was only beginning to realize what he was, what he had become, what he had agreed to and he was horrified.

He had heard rumors…but had always assumed them to be old wives’ tales, the superstitious nonsense of uneducated minds…but they were true. He was living proof; correction…not living…just proof.

What he had become was unthinkable…the substance of nightmares…the dreaded scourge of the human race…the walking dead…

He was cursed…and it was irreversible.


To modern day…

He’d been awakened by the nudge of the officer’s foot just in time to catch the last part of the discussion between the two and hadn’t dared to breathe as he hid under the huge monster that had somehow managed to die right on top of him, afraid they would think it was the animal breathing and start shooting.

Determined to free himself, he attempted to roll over, hoping to use his legs to help him push the beast off him. As he flipped over he was suddenly on his back, staring up at the exposed wooden beams of the old warehouse, the animal no longer covering him.

He turned his head one way and then the other in an effort to locate the carcass, but the floor on both sides of him was empty.

Lifting his head off the ground, he glanced down towards his feet and saw the hind legs of the beast sticking straight up in the air and cramming his chin down into his chest he could barely make out the front legs, bent as if in a begging position, one on each side of his chest.

I’m on top of the stupid thing, he realized in amazement.

Frantically Gar struggled to sit up, but kept falling back onto the creature, unable to bend at the waist for some odd reason. Giving up, he rolled over towards his right side, managing to get his arms and legs under him as if he were crawling, but he was shocked to the core as he desperately searched under him for his own limbs and couldn’t find them anywhere.

The only limbs he could see were the front legs of the obviously canine like creature he had been concealed under.

Where’s my body? He screamed silently. Have I been eaten?

Gar’s distress was multiplied as his ears detected the men returning to the warehouse. Beside himself with panic, he instinctively scrambled towards the broken exit sign at the back of the building, the canine limbs responding immediately to his unspoken thoughts as if they were his own arms and legs.

Bursting out the door into the bright sunlight he yelped and instinctively backed up into the shadow of the building he’d just exited.

Did I just yelp?

His eyes narrowed to slits not only to prevent the light from hurting his eyes but also because a thought was occurring to him and it wasn’t a pleasant thought. He hadn’t been hiding under the furry animal or been eaten by the furry animal…he was the furry animal.

Transformations abound…

Gar’s back legs began to grow and eventually reached the point where he was no longer able to remain on all fours.

He held his arms out in front of him “This is sweet!”

“Hmm…I failed to take into account your lack of attire”, Wolfgang smiled drily. “You are taking on more human characteristics than expected.”

“Oh wow, that is definitely x-rated. You got any clothes I can borrow?”

Wolfgang took off his shirt, revealing massive amounts of dark hair on his chest and back.

“Twin werewolves…how cool is…”

“You can use this”, Wolfgang interrupted, handing him the shirt.

“Are you blind? That’s not the part that needs covering.”

“Be creative or be naked…your choice. I am going in.”

“Hey, wait for me”, Gar said as he threw the shirt on the ground and followed. “Be creative or be naked says the clothed werewolf”, he muttered under his breath.

You won’t want to miss this first installment in the Blood Vow Series. Keep your eyes peeled for the next exciting adventure…Devil’s Spawn.

I was on the fence about this book. On the one hand, I liked it. The whole plot line of Wolfgang, Priscilla, and Gar and how they came to be was great. It was a different spin on your typical vampire/werewolf/ghost stories. But, the story seemed to struggle in the middle, and the ending was a little weird.

This will go on my “maybe I will read again” shelf.

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