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This New Disease (Living with the Dead: Book 5) by Joshua Guess



Date of publication: September 6th, 2012

Genre: Horror

Series: Living with the Dead

Living with the Dead —Book 0.5

With Spring Comes the Fall—Book 1

The Bitter Seasons—Book 2

The Hungry Land—Book 3

The Wild Country—Book 4

This New Disease—Book 5

American Recovery—Book 6

Ever After—Book 7

Where you can find This New Disease: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

“In this pivotal volume of Living With the Dead, survivors all across the country struggle against a new breed of zombie, living enemies bent on murder and destruction, and even larger threats almost impossible to fight. 

Two years after The Fall, the cataclysm brought on by the zombie plague, survivors everywhere are building a new world. The cost has been high, both physically and mentally. How will the tenuous civilization emerging from the wreckage of what was managed under an onslaught from forces beyond their control?

Read on and discover that beyond the need to truly live comes the hard choice on how to move forward. In the face of dire adversity, can the survivors in Kentucky stay on the right path?”

I hate picking up a book mid-series. I get all sorts of confused over the character relationships. But not with this book. This book can be read as part of the series or alone, which is ok with me.

I liked how this book was written. It was written as if it was a blog. It grabbed my attention and made me wonder if the whole series was written that way. Also, the author of the book was the author of the blog in the book, which is also very interesting.

What fascinated me with this book was the Internet survived The Fall. More importantly, the author’s blog survived. The blogger did point out that he only had readers in the USA and Canada.

The blogger/author didn’t spend much time describing the zombies. Only to say that they were evolving into smarter zombies. Which again fascinated me. And kind of scared me. I am a wimp when it comes to these types of books.

I will reread this book, but I want to start with the entire series. This book is going on my will-read-again shelf.

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